Kamrat AB is a fully fledged one-man-band production company. Kamrat AB is Ola Christoffersson.
I have more than 20 years experience in network broadcast television both as an employee for seven years at Sweden’s largest commercial network TV4 and as a freelancer. I have been engaged as video editor, DOP, reporter, producer and “on camera”-talent/host.
My mission is storytelling and I use all means available, both technology wise and dramaturgically to get the job done. I believe that there is not a sharp line between the creative and the technical side of telling a story. The division between journalists and technicians is a 20:th century construction with it's origin in old, hard to use, technology.
Kamrat produktion is a small streamlined production company with television production and journalism as specialty. I have facilities to do most kinds of productions and hire people and gear when needed.
I want to be the friend (Kamrat in Swedish) of tv-channels or larger production companys in need of qualified assistance- an independent producer to be trusted, with high quality ambitions and full responsibility for the end product.

I have a fully professional light, sound and camera rig centered around the Sony PMW-F5 digital cimema camera. It records in multitude of codecs and resolutions including high frame rates up to 180 fps. The footage can be delivered to you on hard drive, DVD-discs or SD-memory cards depending on your needs.
All major editing software can handle the footage and you can browse and log it on any computer using free browsing software.
The Sony F5 is a 35 mm video camera. This means that I work with a selection of 35 mm lenses to create an exclusive film like dimension to documentaries and other productions.

I edit on Avid Media Composer.

I can help you
Even though I do producing and reporting as well I imagine that for the overseas client my services as a camera man, DOP and/or editor are more interesting.
I am based in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of my site is in Swedish but you can see examples of recent productions with explanations in English on Exposure room.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at info(at)kamrat.tv or give me a call on +46 70 226 77 96.