onsdag 2 mars 2011

The pen-cap-fix

Don’t get me wrong - I love my MTF Nikon to F3-adapter. It makes it possible for me to use all of my great cheap e-bay Nikon still lenses. But after using it for almost two weeks now I’ve become increasingly annoyed with the fact that it is really hard to reach the tiny aperture knob.
This needs to be fixed – and here is the easy way: Get a ball point cap. Cut of the pointy thing that makes it possible to clip on a shirt pocket. Make a few cuts at the opening with a scissor so that it can expand easier and then press it over the small knob of the adapter. I secured it with some Gaffers tape as well. It’s a horribly un-elegant work around BUT the adapter is soooo much better to work with now. I can easily reach it with the tip of my thumb. Now I need to find a permanent solution. Any ideas?

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  1. hunt through the more expensive metal ball point pens available in your stationary store for a size similar to the nob on the aperture knob and secure it with a rubber band wound around the aperture knob ... slide it on for a tight fit.