torsdag 23 januari 2014

Testing crop sensor on Sony F5

A couple of weeks ago I made a quick test shoot to try and get a feel for the new crop sensor mode that was added in the Sony PMW-F5/55 version 3 software. The idea behind this feature is to enable use of Super16-lenses by cropping out a 2K/HD centre portion of the 4K sensor. In essense you are able to switch the camera between Super 16- and Super 35-mode. A positive side effect is that you also can use the crop mode with your existing 35 mm lenses and thus changing the field of view of you lenses to the equivalent of lenses with double focal length.
To try this out I went out and shot some kids and dogs on a square close to my office. The result was impressive. The shoot was not scientific in any way but I still got a feel for the quality of the crop mode. The images ware really sharp and (as expected) I could see now traces of aliasing, moiré or other artifacts.
The whole shoot was done in HFR (high frame rate) mode at 150 fps. I shot everything with one lens - the Nikon 80-200f2.8.

Dogs & Kids from Ola Christoffersson on Vimeo.

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